Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Progress Report

We have now moved from the design phase of our project to the gathering phase. At the moment we are starting to go out and buy all the material that we hope to use to build our robot. Our quest for material started at Home Depot where we acquired PVC pipes, PVC connectors (to be used as “runners”), along with bungee cords and bungee cord connectors. However Home Depot did not carry the proper size 90 degree side outlets that we wanted to use to build the base of the robot. So next we adventured to Pace Plumbing Supply (as suggested by a Home Depot representative), only to find out that they didn’t carry what we were looking for either. After being talked down to by the sale representative we were sent to Horizon Irrigation, hoping that they would carry the side outlets we were looking for. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a friendly sales representative who was eager to help. Once we explained our project and what we were looking for, he showed us were we might find it. Unfortunately Horizon Irrigation did not have what we were looking for in stock, but the representative came up with an alternative that will also work. Instead of having a ¾ x ¾ x ¾ side outlet, we will be using a ¾ x ¾ x ½ side outlet with a ½ x ¾ adaptor. We plan on assembling as much of the robot as possible on Monday, that way we still have time to make changes and purchase anything else we might need.

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