Thursday, November 5, 2009

Second Progress Report

At this point in our project, we now have our first prototype complete. Last Saturday we presented this prototype to the client. We still have a few things that need to be worked out for the second prototype. First we need to get longer screws and nuts in order to make the keyboard sliders that are being used to help launch the ball more stable. This will also allow us to angle the sliders in order to give the ball more of an arc. We also need to buy a solenoid and a switch in order for the kids to operate our project. Third PVC glue will be used to connect all the pipes. Last we need to find something other than bungee cord, which does not resist as much and requires less force to be pulled back. Once this is done, a sturdier basket will be made in order to hold the ball. Finally we plan on enclosing our project with plexiglass for safety reasons.